Farm-to-Table Meat

from our family to yours.

Healthy & Natural Grass-Fed, Pasture Raised Products

Our goal is to provide both your family and ours, with healthy, naturally raised products. All of our animals are free of GMO’s and antibiotics. They are all pastured raised, allowing them to roam about as they choose. Come visit with all of our furry or feathered family when you come to the farm!

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Grass-Fed Dry Aged Black Angus Beef

With no antibiotics, growth hormones, or any unnatural additives, you will enjoy our Local Grass-Fed beef much more than grocery store-bought beef! We offer a Meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with convenient pick-up times right here on the farm. We also offer 1/4 and 1/2 and whole Steer Cuts at excellent prices! If you’re unsure what to get, give us a call and we will help you figure out the best option for you.

Beef Meat CSA

Pasture Raised Pork

We raise a mixture of Berkshire and Mangalitsa heritage breed hogs. Our hogs run around on pasture under some trees giving them shade and a great place to play and enjoy their time here. This is NOT the same type of pork you can pick up at any store and the taste can’t be beat. The fat is actually LOADED with healthy Omega-3 fatty acid and CLA. Try it out and taste the difference! We offer whole hog orders, as well as individual cuts.

Pasture Raised Lamb

Our lambs are pasture-raised from start to finish – supplemented with feed and mineral for optimal health. We sell lamb SEASONALLY at the farm store whole or by the piece. Some items that you might find are Lamb Shanks, Shoulder Roast, Rib Chops, Stew Meat, Kabob Meat, and more! If you’ve never cooked at home with lamb, you will be surprised at how lean, tender, and easy it is to cook with. Give it a try!

Pasture Raised Goat

Usually goat meat isn’t the first option that comes to mind for dinner. It’s not at most neighborhood supermarkets, and is only available at ethnic grocers in most places. So we were hesitant at first to try it out ourselves! But when we did, it was a complete surprise–so tender, and it cooks & tastes like beef, but much healthier. It’s even healthier than chicken. We encourage you to give it a try. Our goat meat is available whole or by individual cuts so it’s easy to stop in and pick some up!

Pasture Raised Poultry, Eggs & Raw Milk Shares

We raise our Cornish Rock Cross chickens out on pasture in “chicken tractors”, which are portable pens. We process a limited number each season so make sure you come by early to get the best selection!

Grange & Grub also has about 600-800 egg laying hens – Rhode Island Reds, Golden Comets, New Hampshire Reds and Araucanas – and the eggs that they lay are as fresh as you can get. We also have Duck eggs available by the 1/2 and Full Dozen.

In addition to our eggs, we also offer Raw Milk Herd Shares. This means you are buying a share of a cow on our farm, and get to enjoy the wonderful Raw Milk it produces. Shares are renewable every 4 weeks.

Poultry Eggs Milk

Ready-Made Food to Order & Take Home!

Our new 24 foot commercial kitchen food trailer has finally arrived! We are so excited to be able to use our own raw products in our Grub trailer and begin offering both ready to eat hot meals on the weekends, as well as pre-ordered take home meals, snacks, desserts, etc… for easy weekday/night meals! Menus will be posted on both our Facebook page and here. The menus will change monthly, inspired by cuisine around the world, so be sure to keep checking in!

We will not be having our 2020 Meat CSA this year.

We will be doing build a box and by appointment only. Feel free to email us or call with any questions.

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Build-A-Box Hours
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Grange and Grub 50 is BACK!

Remember last year’s Grange and Grub 50 day dry-aged, melt in your mouth beef (article below)? Well, ITS COMING BACK!  We have continuously received emails and calls asking about when it will be available again, so we dropped off steers at the butcher yesterday and have another half steer dedicated to the deliciously funky, ultra-tender pure bred Black Angus known as our G&G 50!  The gorgeous, fresh half steer will be ready around the beginning of June. Call or email us regarding reservations…it goes quick!



Love to all,

The Grange and Grub Crew

Miles, Justine, Hunter, Quade and Daxton