Grass-Fed Dry Aged Black Angus Beef

Individual cuts are available at the farm store YEAR ROUND! Please come out and try our beef before making a commitment to freezer beef.

Why Should I Buy Local Grass-Fed Freezer Beef?

  • No Antibiotics, growth hormones, or any unnatural additives.
  • Less Total Fat! A 6oz steak can have the same amount of fat as a skinless chicken breast.
  • Less Calories!  A 6oz steak from a pasture raised cow can have 100 fewer calories than a 6oz steak from factory farmed animals.
  • More Omega-3’s! There are 2 to 4 TIMES the amount of these “good-fats” in pasture raised beef.
  • Higher amounts of Vitamin E which helps reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer!

Commonly Asked Questions

How much freezer space do I need?

For a ¼ of a cow you would need approximately 5-8 cubic feet of freezer space.

How much actual beef do I get from the cow?

The average cow will weigh about 1200lbs live weight. This will produce about 530lbs of usable processed meat. The exact amount will depend on the cuts that you choose when you have it processed.

How much does the meat cost?

We charge $5.05-$5.25/lb DRESSED HANGING WEIGHT plus processing fees which are paid directly to the processor. On average, your final cost will be about $10.00-$14.00/pound. Compare to buying a Rib-Eye steak at a grocery store for $11.99 on sale and that’s a factory farmed steak! Please remember that it depends on the final size of the steer and how you have it cut.

How much does the processing the meat cost?

The processing charge will vary – but expect to pay 80¢/pound hanging weight. An example is: hanging weight for 1/2 = 335 lbs x 80¢/pound = $268 processing plus the kill fee of $30 so a total of $298 for processing so your total cost would be $298 for processing + ($5.15/pound x 335lbs = $1725.25) for an overall total for 1/2 a steer $2123.25.  This, of course, will vary depending on the cuts requested but it does give you an idea of what 1/2 a steer will cost.  (Figure a little over 1/2 of that amount would be for ~1/4 of a steer).

I have NO IDEA what to get, can you help me?

Of course!  Starting in 2009 we changed things up a little.  If you order 1/4 of a steer, the cuts are pre-determined. If you are ordering 1/2 or whole, you will go over the cut sheet with us so we can make sure you get what you would like. We can help guide you to decide which cuts are best for you and your family.

Services We Offer that Other Farms Don't

  • We deal with the butcher so you don’t have to

  • We box up your meat (when we can) so you can pick up and go

  • We help you divide the beef up if needed

  • We pick up your meat from the butcher and bring it back to our farm so you pick up directly from us

  • We personally will help you through the cut sheet

  • And so many more personal, convenient services which just come naturally to us!

100% PRIME Certified Black Angus Beef

Our beef are raised and finished on pasture (grass-fed) – NOT corn-finished!

Pricing is based on DRESSED hanging weight.

You are also responsible for the processing fees payable to the processing facility on top of the above pricing. These prices are starting in January 2020 and are subject to change without notice.

A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your portion for 1/4 steer.
A $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for 1/2 or whole steer.





Price Per Pound




1/2 Steer Cuts

What can you expect on a half of beef? Of course this is just a guideline and factors will influence final product. You will loose around 45% of your hot weight due to bone, fat, and dehydration from the aging process.

  • 5-8 Chuck Roasts
  • 4-6 Arm Roasts
  • 10-15 Rib Steaks OR 8- 12 Rib-Eyes
  • 1 Beef Brisket
  • 1 Flank Steak
  • 3-4 Tip Roasts OR 6-8 Tip Steaks
  • 1 Rump Roast
  • 3 Top Round Roast OR 5 London
  • Broil or 8-10 Round Steaks
  • 1 Eye of Round Roas

  • 1 Bottom Round Roast OR 15-20 Cube Steaks
  • Meat on soup bones
  • 5-8 Sirloins Steaks
  • 4-6 Porterhouse Steaks
  • 10-12 T-Bone Steaks.
  • Of course you can expect hamburger, lots of it.
  • Bag of Dog/Marrow Bones

This is just an example of HOW 1/2 steer can be processed. We allow each purchaser to have the steer processed the way they would like it as they are all custom done.

1/4 Steer Cuts

Your 1/4 Can Include Any of These Cuts.  The amount and the type of cuts will depend on the actual steer and the season.

  • Chuck Roasts
  • Boneless Ribeyes/Delmonicos
  • Beef Brisket
  • Tip Roasts OR Tip Steaks
  • Rump Roast
  • Ground Beef

  • Top Round Roast OR London Broil or Round Steaks
  • Bottom Round Roast OR Cube Steaks
  • Eye of Round Roast OR Eye Round Steaks
  • Meat on soup bones

If you choose a CHOICE A 1/4 (Bone-In Option) – you will receive Bone-In Sirloin Steaks, Porterhouse Steaks, and T-Bone Steaks

If you choose a CHOICE B 1/4 (Boneless Option) – you will receive Boneless Sirloin Steaks, NY Strip Steaks, and Filet

Dog Bones/Marrow Bones and Organs are optional at pick up if they are available.

Order Your Freezer Beef

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    We are not able to accept credit cards for the final payment.

    Please note that if you are SPLITTING a 1/2 or WHOLE STEER, the person reserving it is responsible for paying for it. We will be happy to help you divide it while you are here, however, we prefer 1 check or cash for final payment and the people who you are dividing it with will pay the person reserving it directly.