Pasture Raised Poultry

Healthy, Natural, Pasture Raised Chickens

Come and Get 'Em Early!

We raise our chickens out on pasture in “chicken tractors” which are portable pens.  For meat, we raise a variety called Cornish Rock Cross.  We use this type of bird because of the limited pasture season.  They are ready to butcher within 10-12 weeks of being born!  Our chickens are currently being fed a NON-GMO Feed.

From May-October we will process a limited number so make sure to come early for best selection (sorry we will not reserve chickens for you).

Some items you might expect to see:

  • Whole FRESH Chicken
  • Legs, Breasts, and Thighs
  • Chicken Feet
  • Fresh Chicken Liver
  • Fresh Chicken Hearts

Turkey Order Form

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    Final payment will be made when you pick up your turkey based on the final weight. We will accept MasterCard/Visa or Cash for your final payment.


    Because the birds are LIVE we cannot guarantee a certain size weight of the dressed turkey, we do our best to meet what you request!