Raw Milk Herd Shares

Share in your own cow without
having a farm of your own!

The cow in which you’re buying a share is a purebred Jersey or Jersey Cross. Our pasture raised, happy cows are never given any hormones, and are certified free of TB and Brucellosis. Shares are renewable every 4 weeks.

It is illegal to for anyone to sell raw milk in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each state makes up it’s own guidelines and the Commonwealth of Virginia has chosen to follow the FDA regulations regarding the sale of raw milk and raw milk products. A Share Program is legal in the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are no regulations regarding the consumption of raw milk from an animal that the individual owns or owns a stake in. http://www.westonaprice.org and http://www.realmilk.com are two websites with valuable information about the benefits of drinking raw milk and the availability of raw milk by individual state.

About the Cow

What is a cowshare?

A share in your own cow without having to have a farm of your own!

What Kind of Cow Will I Be Buying?

The cow in which you’re buying a share is a purebred Jersey or Jersey Cross.

Are these cows given hormones?

Absolutely not! We don’t give our animals anything we don’t want in our family. Antibiotics are only used in life-threatening emergencies and never given as a preventive measure for illness.

Will my cow be pastured?

Yes, during the pasture growing season, the cows will be out on pasture. During the snowy winter months, we will feed the cows hay from our own farm or silage from a trusted local farmer. While the cows are being milked, they will be fed a locally produced feed to keep them happy while being milked.

Is my cow tested for tuberculosis (tb) and brucellosis?

Yes! These cows are certified free of TB and Brucellosis. Once per year, the cows are tested for the presence of TB and Brucellosis. In addition, the cows (as calves) are vaccinated for Brucellosis. This covers them for the life of the animal.

Where will my cow be kept?

The cows are located in Purcellville, VA – and whenever the farm is open on the weekends we welcome you to come and say HI to the cows!

How It Works

How does the farmer collect and store the milk?

We are milking the cows by hand or by machine. After we milk the cows, we transfer the milk into glass containers and store in the refrigerator at 35-37 degrees until it is picked up.

How does the milk pick-up work?

You come out to the farm on your assigned day to be determined when you sign up. Pick up days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, & Sundays only from 10am-5pm.

Will my milk be handled safely?

Of course! We take all precautions and we would never give you something that our family wouldn’t drink!

How long is my share good for?

Your share is renewable every 4 weeks.

If I ever need to sell my shares, am I responsible for cowboarding payments until I sell my shares?

Because of the short share time, if you need to cancel early, there is no buy-back.

If my cow has a calf every year, what happens to the calf?

The calves are “purchased” by Grange & Grub in return for the cost of getting the cow bred according to the herd share agreement.

The Cost

What are the costs?

To purchase a share in a cow (one share is equivalent to one gallon of milk per week) you pay $14.00 or $9.00 for a 1/2 share (one half gallon per week). You pay this amount every 4 weeks to renew your share.

In addition there is an initial charge of $20 per share (or $10 per 1/2 share) deposit for 4 (or 2) 1/2 gallon glass jars with lids.

After the above costs, there is a boarding fee that goes to Grange and Grub of $37 per share per month for a full share or $20 per month for 1/2 share; that continues for as long as you own your share.

One-time Fees

  • Consumables (jars) fee, 1 share x $20/share = $20

Reoccurring Fees

  • Monthly Boarding Fees 1 share x $37/4 weeks = $37
  • Purchase of 1 share x $14 = $14


  • Cost to get started = $71
  • Renewal Amount Every 4 Weeks = $51

So what if I want to purchase 3 shares? My family drinks about 3 gallons of milk per week. How much will this cost me?


  • Purchase of 3 Shares x $14 per share =$42.00
  • Consumables (jars) fee, 3 shares x $20 per share = $60.00
  • Monthly Boarding Fees 3 Shares x $37/4 weeks = $111.00
  • Total Start Up Cost = $213
  • Renewal Amount Every 4 Weeks = $153

I don’t need a full gallon per week, can I get 1/2?

YES!  You can reserve just 1/2 share!

  • Purchase of 1/2 share x $9 = $9
  • Consumables (jars) fee, 1/2 share x $10/half share = $10
  • Monthly Boarding Fees 1/2 share x $20/month = $20
  • Cost to get started = $39
  • Renewal Amount Every 4 Weeks = $29

How is the money collected?

The boarding fees are collected every 4 weeks either by a check or cash when you pick up your milk or you can pay online by check when you receive your emailed invoice.  We no longer accept credit card payments for milk shares.

We send out an emailed invoice the week your payment is due.

How do I get started?

Read and sign the boarding agreement with Grange & Grub, and then write us a check or pay with your credit card. As soon as we receive your signed agreement and your payment, you own the cow and you may begin picking up your delicious, nutritious, fresh milk!