The Farm & The Cowan Family

Grange & Grub’s Beginnings

We are the Cowan Family, and in 2016 we took over what used to be “Chicama Run” farm here in Purcellville, VA. The previous owners Dana and Joe had built an amazing business with customers, friends, and family–clearly there were some big shoes to fill!

Since deciding to take over the farm, we knew we would be keeping everything the same, from the products and quality to the passion and love of this place. We’re also committed to expanding and offering more to advance selections in the market, like ready-made foods and condiments made fresh daily. We have plans to expand the productivity of the farm by growing and harvesting a variety of fruits and vegetables, and honey from our own bee colonies!

The Cowan Family Story

My name is Miles Cowan and I come from the IT world. As a child, I had what my family jokingly referred to as, a city farm!  I had mice, parrots, cats, and dogs.  This might not sound like a big deal, but I had a lot of them!  My wife (Justine) and I had wanted to start a farm for many years, but it had just never really been the right time.  With my love of animals, her career in the culinary industry and our goal of owning and operating a family run business, farming seemed like a good fit.  Fresh air, raising and growing our own food and teaching our kids (Hunter, Quade and Daxton) about the benefits of hard work was a goal we set our sights on.  We love food and know from experience that fresh is best.  Justine is a classically trained chef that has worked in restaurants, has been a private chef and while in Seattle, owned and operated a catering company. A food truck or trailer has also been part of our vision.  Once the farm fell into place, we knew that the trailer absolutely had to be next!  The happiness and well being of our children are always our main concern, so this opportunity seemed to check all of the boxes.

We were all born and raised in California and originally came out to Loudoun County two years ago because of my work. We lived in Lovettsville and felt completely at home, only to be moved away from it 9 months later, again because of work. We were transferred to Seattle, WA and remained there for a little over a year. My company asked if we wanted to move back to the east coast and long story short, we are now permanently on the “right” coast! We adore Loudoun County and its community.  Since beginning our adventure here in September, we have been blessed and lucky to meet so many great people, watch the gorgeous changing of the seasons, learn the personalities of our furry and feathered family members and work as a family!  We are excited to be here and hope to grow our small family business into a generational business with our sons!

Exploring the Farm

We have a lot more than just cows! Come and say hi!

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